Euroopan komissio on avannut sosiaalisiin innovaatioihin liittyvän haun

We have the pleasure to inform you that a call for proposals under the Programme 'EaSI - Progress has been published by the Commission.

1) Title of the call for proposals together with VP reference number:
"Social innovation and national reforms – Long-term care" - VP/2019/003

2) Link to the Internet page where documents of the call can be consulted:

3) Priorities of the call for proposals:
- To develop and test innovative approaches to LTC provision with the aim to address the challenges of access, affordability, workforce, quality and sustainability of LTC;

- To develop sustainable multi-level partnership models that would facilitate the implementation of social innovation in LTC provision;

- To use social innovation in LTC policy planning and monitoring.

4) Deadline for submitting applications:
Tuesday 10 September 2019

5) Functional mailbox where additional information can be requested: