EU:n komissio avannut haun koskien alueellista ja paikallista yhteistyötä yhteisötalouden edistämiseksi (määräaika 26.9.2019)

The overall objective of this call is to support a network of EU regional and local authorities with similar priorities and experts in the field and via inter-regional collaboration contribute to gradual setting up of a permanent community of practice in the field of social economy as the key component of a sustainable European economic system. 

The Social Economy Missions call for proposal will support social economy consortia to pursue inter-regional collaboration through a set of social economy missions: the call foresees to create opportunities and incentives to engage in strategic inter-regional collaboration and develop collaborative projects between regional/local authorities and social economy stakeholders."

The activities foreseen in this call for proposals shall address one of the following 4 social economy priorities/topics:

1. Socially responsible public procurement

2. Education framework for social economy

3. Tackling regional/local unemployment via social economy model

4. Social economy clusters

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