Funding of the programme 'Sustainable growth and jobs'

The European Union will contribute about EUR 1.3 billion to the funding of the 'Sustainable growth and jobs 2014 - 2020 - Finland's structural funds programme'. With equal amount of national public co-funding, the total volume of the programming during the coming programming period is EUR 2.6 billion. The state accounts for 75 per cent and municipalities and other parties for 25 per cent of the public funding.

When the technical assistance (three per cent or about EUR 39 million) and funding allocated for national activities (10% of the ERDF contribution and 25% of the ESF contribution, which total about EUR 171 million) are deducted for the above-mentioned EU-funding (EUR 1.3 billion), the remaining amount is funding coming under regional decision-making.

Of this EU contribution coming under regional decision-making (about EUR 1.089 billion), two thirds are ERDF funding (EUR 716 million) and about one third is ESF funding (EUR 373 million).

Eastern and Northern Finland account for 70.9 per cent and Southern and Western Finland for 29.1 per cent of the regional funding.