Lapland's employment services – Service tray

The local employment services in Lapland were collected to an electronic service tray, a website on which job seekers can easily find the employment services that are interesting and suitable for them. Parties engaged in guiding job seekers can also use the website.

Implementation of the good practice

A client-oriented web service gathering together the employment services in Lapland was needed to support the guidance work carried out by the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office). In this context, employment services mean outsourced services. The service tray was tailored to meet local needs and for the local labour market. Special attention was paid to job seekers' perspective when the service tray was compiled.

Jobseekers can use the service tray to quickly search for those employment services that are suitable for them. When navigating the website, they can choose the most suitable menu for their situation from the three main menus. The main menus are:

  • Help and advice for job search
  • Questioning your current occupation or competence?
  • Self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Topical services can be found under the following choices:

  • Services provided primarily online
  • Personal services.

It is sometimes easier to participate in coaching online than to travel to the venue as distances in the north of Finland are long. Employment services can be searched for on the website also by using the name of the training or by municipality. All services are visible without signing in with personal credentials.

The service tray has a section of its own for the employer.

We made the website easy to read, presenting only what is essential. The language used in the service tray is as clear as possible. The lower part of the pages has a section "also read about these" in which we can highlight the most important matters. The contact details of the TE Office of Lapland and a link to the e-services of the TE Services are found on the top of the page. The website is responsive and works on mobile devices. The information in the service tray can easily be shared in the social media and information can be linked to the websites of service providers, municipalities and educational institutions. The service tray can be used to support guidance work. On the website, users can also give feedback on the service or propose an employment service they hope to see implemented. The development of the service tray continues based on the user experience and feedback received.


  • The employment services in Lapland have been collected to one website
  • The service tray is a clear and user-friendly website on which information is easy to find
  • Topical issues can be highlighted on the website
  • There is no need to sign in to use the service
  • The information on the website is easy to share
  • The different terminal devices used by the clients have been taken into consideration when planning the website
  • The service tray remains an integral part of the TE Office's everyday work.

How to take advantage of the good practice

The service tray model is easy to copy to different areas and the model can also be used to collect together other kinds of services.


Tiina Pulju, Lapland Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, tel. +358 295 037112, tiina.pulju(at) 

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Further information on the project:  

Structural Fund Information Service S20271 
Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility 
Specific objective 6.1 Promoting the employment of young people and those in a weak position in the job market