Rapid by-passing of restrictions regarding job search skills

An unemployed jobseeker may have restrictions regarding commitment to job search and job search guidance, but not regarding commitment to the actual work. For example, IT skills are not the strongest and most natural field for all jobseeker-clients.

It is sometimes more effective if the instructor helps the jobseeker-client slightly more than usual instead of offering cumbersome training courses for all of the lacking job search skills.

Implementation of the good practice

This good practice solves problems that restrict a person's ability to look for work. A project worker draws up a CV and a model job application on behalf of the client and informs the client about vacancies by email and text messages. The project worker then helps the client in drawing up the job application and especially in putting the client's skills and knowledge into words. An email account is opened for the client for sending job applications. The project worker helps the client send the job application.

Client guidance is carried out in places that are easy for the client to get to. They are not necessarily located in the centre of the municipality, but may be transport stations, petrol stations or similar places in sparsely populated areas.


  • The quality of the documents used in applying for jobs improves fast because professionals help to draw them up 
  • The number of sent job applications increases
  • Job search becomes easier
  • Clients' mobility, putting their skills and knowledge into words and the use of IT improve
  • Clients are more successful in finding employment.                            

How to take advantage of the good practice

Think about whether you could also receive your clients in other places than your office? Think about whether it is reasonable to expect IT skills from a person whose life does not revolve around IT anyway.


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Further information on the project:

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Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility
Specific objective 6.1 Promoting the employment of young people and those in a weak position in the job market