Häme Programme – "Words are deeds"

The Häme programme is a strategic programme shaping the future of the region. It includes a regional strategic plan and a regional development programme. The aim of the programme is to show the direction into which the region will be developed and to gather resources so that various themes and ideas can be implemented.
The region will be developed so that "people can and want to work and live in Häme". Sustainable success of the region is achieved through intelligent and specialized choices.
Through joint discussions, the following were chosen as key components of the Häme programme: growth corridors and accessibility, housing and well-being, bioeconomy and a sustainable use of natural resources, possibilities within the manufacturing industry as well as international linkages and attractiveness.
The Häme programme will be implemented. The aim is to create development entities that are large enough and have enough impact. In order to be able to implement these, municipalities, regions, regional networks, state, the European Union as well as enterprises need to contribute with resources.