Development priorities for Kainuu 2014–2020

The Kainuu region's strategy is currently being compiled, and the regional programme and plan were approved in June 2014.

The following have been selected a priority fields for economic development:

  1. Tourism and services
  2. Technology industry
  3. Bioeconomy and bio-mining

The following entities have been specified within the tourism and services priority:

  • growth of market
  • renewal of products
  • Kainuu's spirit of hospitality and team work
  • working together to improve tourism's potential for growth in Finland

The technology industry comprises:

  • ICT and electronics fields, especially instrumentation and server room and cloud services and the game industry
  • metal industry

Bioeconomy and bio-mining is made up of

  • mechanical timber processing
  • development of timber construction
  • bio-energy (biofuels)
  • agriculture (e.g. local produce and organic products)
  • mining (mining, stone dressing, industrial minerals)