Development priorities for North Ostrobothnia 2014–2020

Objective diagram 2040: North Ostrobothnians are creating the future

North Ostrobothnia is an expertise-filled, international and viable enterprise-driven region with Oulu, the north's largest urban area as its centre. The North Ostrobothnia region is characterised by wellbeing, a high standard of living and biodiversity.

Development priorities:

  • Confidence
  • Boldness
  • Responsibility
  • Equality

Objectives in numbers for 2040:

  • Population target 470,000 (+ 70,000 persons = approximately +2,100/year)
  • Labour force target 195,000 (target of + 20,000 jobs)

Strategic objectives:

  • Find and adopt new and credible methods to make young people see their home region and North Ostrobothnia as a good option for their future home region.
  • Develop internationalisation and networks, operating models and environments that promote multicultural activities
  • Be prepared for large projects planned in the region and its surrounding areas (Northern Finland, the Barents Region) and their active promotion
  • Ensure that actors in different fields and areas understand the special characteristics of entrepreneurship and the possibilities opened up by an increase in entrepreneurship
  • Create ideal conditions for enterprises to ensure their growth and internationalisation, and see an increase in enterprise development
  • Decrease disparities in wellbeing, health and education
  • Support the entire area's vitality by promoting versatile and responsible utilisation of the region's natural resources
  • Create the conditions for a viable, safe and pleasant living environment
  • Develop innovation activities based on world-class expertise

In order for development of the region to be a real possibility, a functioning transport system and balanced regional structure are essential. Biodiversity and a variety of cultural activities add to the region's appeal.

Regional programme policy lines:

  1. Competitiveness and employment
  2. Wellbeing
  3. Regional structure, accessibility and the environment

Priority axes for development 2014 - 2017:

  • Youth education and employment and prevention of social exclusion
  • A balanced and competitive university structure and network cooperation in the region
  • International world class expertise and commercialisation of R&D investments
  • Utilisation of University of Oulu's scientific expertise in development of the region.
  • Promotion of major project and being prepared for these
  • Improving of large-scale industry's competitiveness and reform of fields.
  • Supporting growth of SMEs
  • Making Northern Finland's labour market more uniform with national and international standard
  • Versatile and responsible utilisation of natural resources
  • Systematic realisation of a wellbeing programme
  • Development of occupational health and welfare
  • Development of bottlenecks in the European TENT-T core network (main road 4 and Ostrobothnia's railway tracks and rail yards), as well as traffic across national boundaries
  • Development of the Oulu airport as an international transit airport
  • Coordination of land use, living and traffic in urban areas in order to unify the community structure.
  • Realisation of fixed data communication connections and digitalisation of services
  • Strengthening the region's diverse cultural heritage and environment