Producing and using new information and knowledge

Development of the centres of research, expertise and innovation on the basis of regional strengths

The actions taken in accordance with the specific objective will result in new centres of innovation based on regional strengths and smart specialisation.  In accordance with smart specialisation of regions, R&D investments will grow and the innovation base will expand.  Growth is possible because the research and development environments of applied research will be improved and new ways of producing innovations will be found. Smaller research units will develop into centres of excellence and the ability of higher education institutions and research organisations to conduct top-class research will improve. Strengthening of the science and technology base will also help to create new green and creative business and prerequisites for the renewal of industrial value chains, which is essential for the creation of new jobs in regions.

Strengthening innovation in enterprises

The actions taken in accordance with the specific objective will help to increase R&D investments in SMEs and generate new business. SMEs will develop, place on the market or introduce new or improved products, production methods, technologies or services.

Developing solutions based on renewable energy and energy efficiency

As a result of the actions, there will be an increase in RDI connected with renewable energy, energy efficiency and material efficiency, which will allow an increase in the proportion of renewable energy sources in energy production and the development of business based on renewable energy solutions and energy and material-efficient solutions and strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprises. The actions will help to promote the competitiveness and efficiency of the energy purchasing, production and distribution chain as a whole. In particular, there will be opportunities for new energy services, business operations in rural areas and decentralised energy production solutions.  The measures will lead to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Funding may be granted for

  • research, development and innovation activities in infrastructure improvements that promote regional economies
  •  the development of centres of research, expertise and innovation, RDI environments and development platforms
  • the promotion of international RDI co-operation among universities, higher education institutions, research institutions, vocational institutions, general government actors and enterprises.
  • SME product, service and production method development, piloting, commercialisation and adoption of new technologies
  • the development of applied research supporting the national economy as well as the development of operating, service and commercialisation processes

At least 25 per cent of the activities will be directed at the development of low-carbon solutions.