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Commercial producer – new experts with Rekry training!

The flexible and customisable Kaupallinen tuottaja ('Commercial producer') training is part of Rekry training. It supports the creation of new workplaces in development-oriented companies.

Companies may find recruitment a difficult and time-consuming process. This is why recruitment is often postponed. The Rekry training of commercial producers is an entirely new opportunity for companies to recruit. For example, the entrepreneur may be looking for an expert with prior work experience, but this experience must be in a specific narrow sector. With the support of the training, the entrepreneur rapidly educates a new expert who meets the company's specific needs.

The commercial producer training was implemented in cooperation with the training provider, the TE Office and the companies located in the county of Kainuu. The training enables companies to recruit 1-2 people, so an individual company does not need to purchase the entire training alone.

Implementation of the good practice

The commercial producer Rekry training of was procured to meet the needs of the companies participating in the Growth for Kainuu development project. The companies were from different sectors: the game industry, specialist trade and environmental construction.  Because the Growth for Kainuu project had a good understanding of the companies' development needs, the training opportunity was tipped to suitable development-oriented companies that also needed to recruit new experts. The Growth for Kainuu project also supported companies that could not yet see their opportunities and encouraged them to join the project.

The entrepreneur was allowed to participate in the student selection of the commercial producer training. This was one of the decisive stages in finding a suitable expert.

The duration of the training was 100 days, of which 16 days were contact teaching, 14 days were used for the development project and 70 days for on-the-job learning in the company.

During the training, students implemented a development project which at best not only improved their professional skills and made the results of their work visible, but also developed and increased the company's business. This way the new expert was able to build his or her job description based on his or her strengths.

The company's share of the costs of the Rekry training is 30 per cent and that of the ELY Centre is 70 per cent.

Photo: participants of the commercial producer Rekry training in 2017


  • The commercial producer training is a safe way for a company to recruit a new expert
  • The company gets a genuinely suitable worker
  • At the end of the training, the expert is recruited by the company
  • The new employee is a commercial producer with views and skills to strengthen the company's brand, activate its marketing and enhance its sales
  • The network of students and companies expanded to different sectors.

How to take advantage of the good practice

The education can be used to respond to recruitment needs by training new experts. The new, often very much needed experts create new opportunities for growth-oriented companies and new jobs are consequently created.


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Kasvua Kainuuseen (www.kasvuakainuuseen.fi, in Finnis)

Kaupallinen tuottaja (www.kaupallinentuottaja.fi, in Finnish)

Further information on the project:

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Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility
Specific objective 7.1 Improving productivity and well-being at work