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Dissemination of information in networks – Training employer skills in the third sector

In a geographically large municipality such as Ii, nature and recreational sites are located far from densely populated areas. The municipality of Ii therefore does not have the resources and possibilities to constantly maintain all natural sites within the municipality. Many of the sites have fallen into a poor condition and would need repairs. As the local authority cannot guarantee the safety of these natural sites, they cannot be marketed to users.

Village associations and other third-sector actors are interested in the maintenance of these natural sites. They are also interested in providing employment and work coaching. However, they may lack sufficient employer skills.

Implementation of the good practice 

Associations interested in these natural sites and the provision of employment were offered training to improve their employer skills. The training included themes related to the use of pay subsidy and matters related to employment contracts, among other things.

The natural sites to be repaired were chosen in cooperation with local actors. The persons employed through employment services repaired the lean-tos and shelters at the natural sites. A total of about 10 sites were repaired.


  • The activity of the persons employed through employment services improved
  • Three maintenance agreements concerning five different sites have been drawn up between the local authority and associations until further notice
  • The appeal of the villages improved.                             

How to take advantage of the good practice

This good practice is a suitable method for cooperation between the local authority and associations.


Tuomas Koskela, North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, tel. +358 295 038 506, tuomas.koskela(at)ely-keskus.fi

Further information on the project:

Structural Fund Information Service S20282
Priority axis 5. Social inclusion and combating poverty
Specific objective 10.1 Improving the ability of those outside employment to work and function