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The good practice built by the Taival työhön project ('Steps towards employment') is called Kotipesä ('Home base'). Kotipesä is part of employment measures. It is implemented in cooperation by the gymnastics and sports club Taivakosken Kuohu ry, the Taival työhön project, the municipality of Taivalkoski and the TE Services.

Kotipesä offers pay-subsidised employment and work try-out opportunities for jobseeker-clients. During pay-subsidised employment, it is possible for the employed person to try working in several workplaces.

Implementation of the good practice 

Jobseekers are usually referred to Kotipesä by the TE Office. The service begins with an interview. The service coordinator of the Taival työhön project and the work coach of Taivalkosken Kuohu interview the applicants and the applicants are registered as participants of the Taival työhön project. If pay-subsidised employment is not a suitable option for the jobseeker immediately, the jobseeker can still join the project.

The project helps us update the participants' permits and licences as required. It is also often necessary to update their IT skills and provide guidance in the use of electronic service channels.

Objectives for the beginning pay-subsidised work period can already be considered in the interview. When the work period starts, the employee and the service coordinator go through the employee's situation together.

The work tasks provided by Kotipesä are different repair and maintenance tasks or assisting tasks in the healthcare and social services units in the municipality of Taivalkoski. Work opportunities may also emerge elsewhere, such as in local companies. In that situation, a so-called relocation is carried out, which means that a person who has been employed with a pay subsidy is transferred to work for another employer.  Employees have indeed been relocated to companies such as farms in the region.

During the work tasks, the employees are guided by a work planner or work coach from Taivalkosken Kuohu. During the employment relationship, we find out together with the employee how we can help him or her find employment in future.


Clients' working life skills improved.  

How to take advantage of the good practice

This operating model can in the future be used by clubs and associations.


Tuomas Koskela, North Ostrobothnia Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, tel. +358 295 038 506, tuomas.koskela(at)ely-keskus.fi

Further information on the project:

Structural Fund Information Service S21261
Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility
Specific objective 6.1 Promoting the employment of young people and those in a weak position in the job market