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Networking at project coffee meetings

Project coffee meetings gather together the experts of employment management in the province. Topical subjects that interest the experts have been selected as themes of the coffee meetings: work-based learning, gender equality and equity, growth services and the regional government reform, social rehabilitation and rehabilitative work activities, social inclusion, deprivation and wellbeing in the province of Kainuu.

The aim is to enable networking, close cooperation and exchange of information between the experts of management of employment. The municipalities belonging to the province of Kainuu take turns in planning and organising the project coffee meeting. The coffee meetings are organised in close cooperation with ESF projects, educational institutions and training providers, the TE Office, the ELY Centre and the local authorities.

Implementation of the good practice 

The experts of management of employment in the county of Kainuu expressed a wish to have an event that would regularly gather them together, but no one seemed to have the resources required to plan and organise the events. The project on the coordination of employment policy in Kainuu (Kainuun TYPO-koordinaatio) organised the first project coffee meeting in the city of Kajaani in 2015. Since then, the coffee meeting has been organised three times a year, based on the requests received from the experts.

In the photo, we have gathered together for the project coffee meeting in Vuokatti on 18 May 2018.

At the coffee meeting, we listen to presentations of new ESF projects, results of projects already underway and topical matters concerning structural fund activities. The meeting then continues with the actual theme of the day. It may be a familiarisation visit to an educational institution or an association, more detailed familiarisation with a project or Learning Cafe-type work in a workshop.

Workshops are a natural way of encouraging a dialogue and the exchange of experiences. Discussions and different points of view bring new insights and open new cooperation. The results of the workshop are summarised and the summary is emailed to all participants. The date and theme of the project coffee meeting is always agreed on well in advance.


  • The parties get to know each other and networking takes place naturally
  • Mutually interesting topics inspire a dialogue and exchange of experiences
  • The exchange of information increases as the actors get to know each other and each other's work tasks better
  • The Facebook group Kainuun Työllisyystoimijat was established on the basis of the ideas generated in the project coffee meetings
  • This good practice will be continued in the future province.

How to take advantage of the good practice

The project coffee meeting practice is suitable for all experts of employment management and experts in local authorities and educational institutions.


Anja Pääkkönen, Kainuu Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment, tel. +358 29 5023 581, anja.paakkonen(at)ely-keskus.fi

Further information on the project:

Structural Fund Information Service S20193
Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility
Specific objective 6.1 Promoting the employment of young people and those in a weak position in the job market