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Process development with the LEAN method

One of the objectives of the KoordiPOK project was to support the formation of networks linked to the management of employment and the collaboration between the different actors in the region. The activities strengthened a client-oriented, networked and multiprofessional operating practice.

Implementation of the good practice 

This good practice was process training that strengthened the participants' competence and skills in planning, implementing and evaluating the development of the customer service process and in putting the results of the development work into practice themselves in future.

During the training, a concrete development assignment was worked on by a network. The topic of the development assignment was a defined problem. The method used in the training was the LEAN method.


  • Studying together and the development assignment related to it strengthened the operation of the existing networks
  • Studying together opened the participants' eyes, leading them to examine customer processes involving several actors from the client's point of view, not from the point of view of their own organisation                                 
  • The transitions of jobseeker-clients from one service to another could be made smoother
  • For example, as a result of the development assignment related to the rehabilitative work activities in the network of the Kaiku project, clients' queuing time for the service could be shortened significantly.

How to take advantage of the good practice

LEAN is suitable for developing processes in the management of employment. However, the method must be adapted so that it can be used in multiprofessional services.


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Further information on the project:

Structural Fund Information Service S20267
Priority axis 3. Employment and labour mobility
Specific objective 6.1 Promoting the employment of young people and those in a weak position in the job market