The village workshop model

In the village workshop model (Kyläpajamalli), activities are taken to small villages which lack services and functioning public transport. A large number of people living in small villages do not have a driving licence or a car at their disposal, which makes it difficult for them to reach the services and freetime activities available in the centres of municipalities or cities.

The village workshop model is a low-threshold activity. The aim is to increase the activity of those in the weakest position in the job market and to improve their ability to work and function in order to help them towards employment.

Implementation of the good practice 

In the beginning, small villages with the need and enough participants for the operation of the village workshop model were surveyed. Next, it was examined what kind of facilities would be available for the village workshop model. The facilities were provided by the local youth associations, for example. The project worker acted as the leader of the village workshop.

The village workshop was advertised to cooperation partners and to the target group. The activities started by getting to know one other. After that, the shared activities were planned together. The activities were chosen and organised so that they corresponded to the needs and hopes of the participants as closely as possible.

The activities included pleasant socialising, games, familiarisation visits, training in job search skills and small work tasks arising from genuine needs in the nearby areas.

The materials needed in the workshop and the possible transport to different places were paid by the project. It was also possible to borrow tools required for the work tasks.

The village workshops convened once a week for three hours and between 5 and 10 people participated at a time. All people belonging to the target group were welcome to the village workshop. Everyone participated in the activities according to their resources.


  • Participants felt needed and important
  • The village workshop model increased participants' activity in their free time
  • Participants formed new social relationships
  • The community spirit strengthened
  • Participants' ability to work and function improved
  • The threshold for trying to find employment lowered.

How to take advantage of the good practice

Village workshop activities are suitable for any area. No major arrangements are required for launching the activity.

The village workshop model is suitable for different associations, for example.


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Further information on the project:

Structural Fund Information Service S20602
Priority axis 5. Social inclusion and combating poverty
Specific objective 10.1 Improving the ability of those outside employment to work and function