Social inclusion and combating poverty

Improving the working and functional capacity of people outside working life

The actions taken in accordance with the specific objective will improve the working and functional capacity of the people taking part in the measures and in this manner help them to proceed on employment paths.  The actions will develop social, health care and rehabilitation services, cross-sectoral cooperation and customer-driven services. The role of the third sector in the combating of social exclusion and community spirit will also be strengthened. The actions will target population groups whose social inclusion is under the greatest threat and who face an above-average risk of poverty and social exclusion (such as the Roma, people with disabilities, certain immigrant groups and other people facing discrimination and prejudice when entering working life). The focus is on preventive services and approaches. The actions will support services directed at people facing the risk of social exclusion and they cover the establishment of a service relationship by such means as outreaching social work, individual assessment of the service needs, rehabilitation tailored to individual needs, building of education and employment paths and support provided with basic services in problems concerning different life situations. The actions will also support the strengthening of people's own resources by means of peer support or self-initiative. New technological solutions will also be used and in this consideration will be given to the needs of sparsely populated areas.

Funding may be granted for

  • the strengthening the social inclusion and working life skills of the most disadvantaged as well as developing measures to prevent social exclusion, particularly where the young, ageing persons and people with partial working capacity are concerned;
  • the development of co-operation between various actors and cross-sectoral services as well as the development of related skills;

the development of communal and citizen-centric approaches and services that enhance social inclusion.