South Karelia's regional programme 2014−2017: South Karelia to be Finland's most success region by 2030

South Karelia's regional programme 2014−2017 includes South Karelia vision for 2030, as well as a strategy for the next four years to help see the strategy through. The regional council approved the regional programme in June 2014. The projects to receive funding in South Karelia must aim to realise the programme's objectives.

South Karelia has set its sights on being Finland's most successful region by 2030. The region's strengths include its location and internationality, strong research and education organisations, clean nature and active people.

The regional programme takes into account the regions strengths and potential and strategically lists priority policies, which are in line with these.  Resources are targeted at outlined development procedures in the spirit of intelligent specialisation and experimental development.

The project entities and procedures that will see to the realisation of the regional programme will be readjusted every two years in an implementation plan.