Development priorities: Southwest Finland

The cross-cutting theme of the regional strategy of Southwest Finland is partnership.

The regional strategy of Southwest Finland includes both a regional plan for 2035+ as well as a regional plan for the 2014-2017 period. The regional plan is a long-term strategic plan in which the goals and strategy of the development of the region have been set. The document is in the preliminary stage.

The vision of the region is "Southwest Finland has the best Quality of Life in the country. A successful region that fares well is built through collaboration and partnership".

The cross-cutting theme is partnership between organisations in the region and working together. The regional programme contains the most central projects and measures for development. The programme reflects the objectives shared by the entire region. As such, the strategy has been named as a partnership strategy.

It has four key themes:

  • Responsibility - the future is about choices that are made now.
  • Cooperation skills - boundaries are transcended together
  • Approachability - an approachable gateway to the Baltic Sea
  • Smart use of resources - innovative pioneering

The four key themes of the regional plan create an impression on how responsibility, cooperation skills, approachability and smart use of resources are implemented and can be seen in Southwest Finland in 2035.