Uusimaa Programme 2040: Uusimaa sets its sights on becoming a leader in the Baltic Sea region

The Uusimaa Programme includes the Uusimaa region's vision and strategy 2040, as well as the procedures that will be carried out in 2014-2017 to see the strategy through. Projects in the Uusimaa area, which have received funding, must aim to realise the Uusimaa Programme's objectives.

The "Uusimaa - A leader in the Baltic Sea region"  vision states that Uusimaa is seeking to become a leading area in the Baltic Sea region in creating and utilising growth producing conditions for to make everyday life more functional and organising activities so they are environmentally and financially sustainable.

There are three key development targets that will steer implementation of the programme until 2040:

  • A cradle of intelligent growth – is based on sustainable development and intelligent solutions.
  • Easy to come, be and act –  emphasises the ease of mobility, work and activities and the good standard of living.
  • Clean and beautiful Uusimaa – emphasises sensible utilisation of natural resources and conservation of biodiversity and carbon neutral activities.