Evaluation of structural funds programme

Evaluation of the ‘Sustainable Growth and Jobs' structural funds programme is under way. The evaluation will examine the effectiveness of EU-supported projects. The following are among the areas being evaluated: EU-supported promotion of SME growth and scope for internationalisation, diversification of economic activity, and employment. Low-carbon approaches serve as a cross-cutting theme of the structural funds programme and the evaluation.

In terms of human capital, the evaluation focuses on young people's educational and training guidance and employment, and also the prevention of exclusion and the promotion of employment readiness. The evaluation also focuses on SME productivity and wellbeing at work, and ensuring the appropriateness of education and training in growth sectors and in sectors experiencing structural change. In addition, the evaluation will examine any bureaucratic bottlenecks, the effectiveness of implementation, the customer perspective and reductions in the administrative burden.

The evaluation is being undertaken by MDI Public Ltd and its partners, who will produce three interim reports and a final report. The evaluators will produce an evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation and a general cost-effectiveness review, as well as an impact and effectiveness evaluation, which is the most important stage of the evaluation. The evaluator will submit the final report by June 2019.