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How to Plan an Essay

How to Plan an Essay
Don't try to make a perfect plan right away. Because it can be edited at work. Moreover, when writing an essay, you don't have to make a plan at all, nor do you have to rely on a plan you've already made. The advantage of this genre is the absence of restrictions and rigid frameworks. If it is easy for the author to follow a strict plan, it will take time to write it.

Also, all the main points should be expressed as a paragraph plan. Then you can break down each paragraph into subparagraphs and explain the idea in more detail.

Then reread the outline to make sure that each element is in its place and is sufficiently open.

What is the structure of the essay?
The process of writing an essay usually consists of three steps.

Like any written work, an essay has an introductory section or introduction.

A well-written introduction will keep the reader interested and interested in reading the essay to the end. In the introduction, the concept of the problem and what it means, a rhetorical question, a quote, etc. D. may be. Therefore, it is important to bring the reader to the issue at hand by thinking particularly emotionally.

Main part.
The main section allows you to discuss the history of the problem, giving different perspectives on the issue at hand.

Usually, ordering an essay from essayshark, the main part consists of several subsections, each with three sections: the thesis (argument), proof (arguments used to prove the thesis), and conclusion (a partial answer to the main question). Proofs are statements made to convince the reader of the truth of a point of view. They are different situations from life, opinions of scientists, evidence, and so on. may be.
Evidence can be presented in the following order:

Final Opinion.
Conclusion .
In conclusion, all of the conclusions presented in the main section and devoted to each thesis are combined. And the reader must come to a logical conclusion based on the evidence given. Finally, the problem is repeated and a final decision is made.

If the purpose of the introductory section is to pique the reader's interest, the purpose of the last sentences is to add integrity to the overall picture (thought), make the work memorable, and make the reader think.

The difference between an essay and an essay
Properly written essays are different from regular essays. Therefore, if you want to write an essay, you need to consider the peculiarities of the genre that distinguish it from others.

Unlike an analysis of a work of art, an essay contains the author's point of view and position on an issue.

In addition, one of the features that distinguishes an essay from a work of art is that it is contradictory (paradoxical). That is to strike and impress the reader with vivid images, aphorisms and surprises.

Tips for writing an essay
All of the essay rules I found watching ninjaessays review are presented as recommended tips. Based on the above information, use our tips on how to write an essay and write an essay that will not leave the reader indifferent. 


When writing an essay, short phrases should be used interchangeably with long ones. This way, the text will have enough dynamics to make it easy to read.
Do not use complicated and obscure words in your essay, especially if the meaning of the word is unfamiliar.
Use as few generic phrases as possible. The essay should be a unique, individual piece of writing that reflects the author's personality.
Humor should be used very carefully. After all, sarcasm and rudeness can make the reader angry.
Demonstrating personal experiences, memories, and impressions is a great way to validate your point of view and the reader's trust.
Follow the topic and the main idea, do not deviate from it by describing unnecessary information.
When you finish the essay, read it again to make sure everything is correct.
Writing an essay using data and research is a great way to show confidence.
Common essay writing mistakes
It's helpful to know the most common mistakes. This is because they help you avoid making the same mistakes when writing an essay.

Mistake 1. The author deletes all the important points in the essay because of personal concerns, such as ambiguity or failure to make the desired impression. Because of this, the essay loses individuality and originality.

Mistake 2: Insufficient data development. A common mistake is that the author does not provide enough examples and evidence in his or her concept.

Mistake 3: Misunderstanding the subject matter of the essay or misinterpreting the topic.

Mistake 4. Using someone else's opinion without indicating the author and the person writing the essay does not have their own point of view.

In general, the advantage of the essay genre is that there are no rigid restrictions. Complete freedom of creativity, the ability to express your opinion and share your thoughts, problem solving - these are the features of essays that make this genre attractive to creative people who come up with great ideas.

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