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Breaking the Cycle of Opioid Addictions

Coming to terms with an opioid addiction means looking at the situation realistically and seeking out a plan of attack to reach recovery. The cycle of addiction can seem like a terrifying rollercoaster ride of up and downs, using and non-using, sobriety and non-sobriety. A drug treatment program can help break this cycle and help you reach permanent sobriety.

Devastating Increase in Opioid Addiction

The headlines of many local papers across the country verify the fact that opiate addiction is sharply increasing across all segments of the population. In some areas, the National Institutes of Health suggest that the rise is as much as 50 percent. opiate rehab centers in ohio like the Ohio Addiction Recovery Center provide for the complete care and treatment of this type of addiction using specialists that care about your total and complete recovery.


The High Price of Opiate Addiction

The common prescribing of opioid painkillers has created a national crisis with opiate addiction. It is a substance that is highly addictive as it is dangerous. It is easy to overdose, especially when combined with other drugs, such as Fentanyl. A prescription opiate addiction can easily drive an individual into eventually settling for street heroin. It is cheaper and readily available. It can cost you

– A good job and steady income
– Family and close relationships
– Your home, car, and personal possessions
– Freedom if caught using and purchasing illegal drugs, and more

Getting Stuck In a Revolving Door of Addiction and Sobriety

Defeating an opiate addiction can be one of the toughest battles you will fight. It sometimes takes more than one course of treatment for the recovery to stick. Relapse can happen, but undergoing a quality treatment program will give you the information and skills you need to recognize what leads to relapse. You will learn how to avoid certain situations, places, and people that can jeopardize the hard work done for you to obtain sobriety. It will help you come out of the revolving door that self-help attempts to quit opioids create.

Get Help Before You Hit Bottom

The myth that says “people do not seek help until hitting rock bottom” is not how it has to be for you and your family. The beginning of recovery is recognizing and accepting that you have an illness and need professional help to get better. Addiction is an illness that you can find relief from and bring life back into a healthy balance. Entering an rehab for opiate addiction is the start of bringing normalcy back to the lives of you and your family.

The Safety and Comfort of Inpatient Treatment Programs

Finding the individualized program for you and successful treatment of your particular level of addiction is critical to staying sober and completely drug-free. An opiate addiction can be such a difficult drug to detox from that it is necessary for you to do a safe inpatient detoxification. You will be monitored for problems with withdrawal symptoms and these professionals have an arsenal of help to give to relieve the process as much as possible. Many clients find the treatment program easier and more comfortable in an inpatient setting. You can leave the stress of life completely behind and concentrate on recovery.

Outpatient Treatment for Lighter Addictions and Use

If you find that opiate prescription medications have gotten a hold on you and it is impossible to quit without experiencing extreme discomfort, an outpatient treatment program might work. Getting control of a growing opiate use problem early can result in a faster recovery process. You will have the opportunity to reign the problem in before it does incredible damage to your life. You can work outpatient treatment around employment and family life, which makes it easier to address this serious issue without feeling you are stealing time away from your family.

Long and Short Term Treatment Programs for Added Flexibility

Everyone responds to the treatment process at a different rate. Lighter opioid addictions can usually be treated effectively using a short-term program. Long-term addictions will offer a higher success rate by entering and completing a long-term treatment program. You need to have an honest and open discussion with your intake professional to determine which program will work best for your particular addiction.

The best way to put a halt to an opioid addiction is to interrupt it in action. Finding and entering an opiate treatment program can offer a real solution in gaining long-term recovery.

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