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Let Know Easy Way For Resolve Property Issues through Corporate Attorney at Law in Pakistan

Resolve Property Issues through Corporate Attorney at Law in Pakistan:

To resolve property issues through attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore you may contact Jamila Law Associates. That its contents must determine the legal nature of a document: and not by the value of the stamp duty for it, was the rule laid down in Venkatramana Aiyar v. N.G. Nursing Rao." The Bombay High Court also considered the scope of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 in Hormusji K. Bhabha v. Nana Appa. In that case, it held that the vakalatnama given to an attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore .


"power-of-attorney" in section 2(21) of the Indian Stamp Act, 1899 and is, therefore, chargeable with stamp duty of Re. 1 under Article 48(b) of that Act. In Miran Bakhsh v. Emperor," where a document empowered the bank to act for and in the name of the executants in transactions specified therein, it held that the form was a power-of-attorney. It was not a mere power-of-attorney and related to more than one distinct matter and, therefore, governed by section in the case of stamp duty. Bapiraju v.

Stamp's Applicability Act:

District Registrar, Registration and Stamps Srikokulam was a Full Bench decision rendered by the Andhra Pradesh High Court dealing with the Stamp's applicability Act, 1899 about a power-of-attorney and the adequacy of Stamp. The Court observed through attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore that where under a compromise decree a charge is created on the property, possession is handed over, a right to appropriate the income from the property towards the decrial amount is given, the owner of the property is prohibited from creating any other charge on such property and a power-of-attorney authorizing such appropriation of income is required to be executed, the document so executed is only a power-of-attorney and not mortgage with possession through attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore.

Corporate Lawyer in Lahore:

The Court through attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore added further that the compromise decree itself provided an irrevocable power-of-attorney being executed in favor of the agents for working the mines and paying themselves the net sale proceeds and the applicants not creating any charge mortgage or lien over the properties.

Board of Revenue in the Power-of-Attorney:

A reference to, or a repetition of, the clause and the conditions, relied on by the Board of Revenue in the power-of-attorney would not alter its character or the document's nature attorney at law in Pakistan or corporate lawyer in Lahore. It may mention that all other terms are those usually found in a contract of Del cruder agency. As a result of the rights acquired under the two documents, it may be that the agents have been enabled to treat the mines and the ores as security for the realization of the debt due to them as if it were a mortgage with possession. But, that is looking at the transaction's substance resulting, from both the document a course, which is not permitted in law for determining stamp duty. As noticed above, whether the papers liable to stamp duty or not has to be decided only by referencing the document's form and nature and its recitals. Our Lawyer in Lahore is here for services of all kind of lawsuit.

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