Häme Programme – "Words are actions"

The Häme Programme is the Kanta-Häme region's future strategy programme.  The projects funded in the region must aim at realising the programme's objectives.

The Häme Programme includes a regional plan and regional programme. The strategy portion highlights long-term goals reaching to 2040. The programme covers the 2014-2017 programme period. The Häme Programme's purpose is to point out the direction of the region's development and gather the resources needed for realisation of the programme.

The region is developed under the premise "people want and can work and live in Häme". Intelligent specialised selections have been implemented in a pursuit for sustainable success in the Kanta-Häme region.

The priorities selected for Häme on the basis of discussions are:

  • growth paths and accessibility
  • housing and wellbeing
  • bioeconomy and sustainable utilisation of natural resources
  • the potential of manufacture driven industry
  • Internationalisation and appeal

The Häme Programme was made to be realised. Its objective is to for sufficiently large, effective development entities resources for the realisation of which will be gathered from municipalities, area networks, the Finnish government, the European Union and companies.