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PA-7000 Series firewalls

PA-200 and PA-500 Series Firewalls are meant for Small Businesses and come with very limited throughput and do not support Virtual Systems. Virtual Systems, also known as VSYS, is used to create virtual firewall instances in a single-pair of Palo Alto Firewalls, in other words, Virtual Systems can be compared to contexts in Cisco ASA Firewalls or vdom in Fortinet firewalls. The PA-200, PA-500 Series Firewalls offer a very limited number of security policies like security rules, NAT rules, policy based forwarding rules
Secure Encrypted Traffic: Most enterprise web traffic is now encrypted, and attackers exploit encryption to hide threats from security devices.  An NGFW allows security professionals to decrypt malicious traffic to prevent threats, while at the same time preserving user privacy – with predictable performance.
Detect and Prevent Advanced Threats: Today, most modern malware, including ransomware variants, leverage advanced techniques to transport attacks or exploits through network security devices and tools. An NGFW utilizes systems that can identify evasive techniques and automatically counteract them.  For example, it uses multiple methods of analysis to detect unknown threats, including static analysis with machine learning, dynamic analysis and bare metal analysis. By using a cloud-based architecture, the threat detection and prevention can be supported at mass scale across the network, endpoint and cloud.

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