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Best Clicker Games To Play Online

The gaming industry has seen an upsurge of tremendous consumer demand in recent times. With the pandemic at its pinnacle, people had nothing to do but find ways to kill time. Apart from their respective jobs and education, people all-round the globe also needed some recreation. You cannot go out, you cannot run on the fields, what is the next best thing to do? Play online games! To ace these games, one has to have an extraordinary clicking speed. The better one’s fingers move and click, the better they are in these games. It's the era of online gaming. It's the epoch of clicker games. Hitting two goals with one arrow, you can enjoy the clicker games, as well as get good practice for your fingers to excel in other online games. 

Below is a list of the best clicker games online, available to play free for you. 

  1. Clicks Test

Your CPS (clicks per second) is in your hands (literally)! Clicks Test targets enhancing your clicking speed with each game.  It's not only a fun game to play, but it is also a practice match before the actual tournament (action games). I mean, let's face it. People are there to judge you if your scores aren’t as per the so-called ‘standards’ of Pubg. But there is no one to come and check what your CPS score is on Clicks Test. So, you have the liberty to experiment as much as you want. Choose a test duration and click away with your unique style. Jitter, Butterfly, whatever you want! 

  1. Mouse Accuracy

The second on our list of the best clicker games is Mouse Accuracy. It's ‘the best’ game if you are aiming at enhancing your clicking speed and accuracy. It suits the needs of both young and adults alike. Mouse Accuracy has a contemporary and simple UI which makes it all the more demanded in the clicker game community. You get to choose from options like difficulty level, target colour, target size, cursor style and some more. A personal touch, indeed! A gamer can also challenge another player by sharing their score on any social media account. 

  1. Grow Defense

An idle clicker game is one of the many reasons for us to stick online. Grow Defense takes you a step closer to that. With basic premises, Grow Defense has 3D graphics that attract gamers from all-round the globe. In Grow Defense, you would have to defend a castle from raiding creatures. Your clicking speed would come to your rescue here. The more you can click on these creatures, the better you can protect the castle from them. With the game’s progression, these invading elements become stronger and more in numbers. The game comes with multiple levels and upgrades. May you be a kid or an adult, you will like Grow Defense a lot. 

Final Words

Like your demands, the world of gaming is also continuously expanding its perimeters. Game developers are tirelessly working to keep bringing newer games to your table. Clicker games are never going to get out of style. The reason being their use in other adventure games. The better you perform in the clicker games, the better your chances get for winning other fast-paced action games.

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