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My Reasons for Becoming an MT


I became interested in medical transcription approximately three years ago when my brother married a wonderful girl that had been working as a medical transcriptionist at the "Transcriberry transcription service" for a number of years and loved it.  She talked about medical transcriptionist jobs in the most positive ways. At the time I was entering into a new department at my current employer and stored her information for future reference.  Each time I visited her, I watched her work and asked many questions about medical transcription companies. I wanted to know things like: how she got involved, how she got her job, did she always work from home.  She told me she had gone to school on-line, that she worked in a medical facility for about 6 months and then got her current position that allowed her to work stay at home jobs. I believe there are several advantages to working in the MT industry.  Of course, working from home is certainly a plus.  The time saved in not fighting traffic, spending money on parking and gas and the wear and tear on the car is certainly a plus. But there are other advantages as well.

The medical field is not going to go away.  We will always need this industry and finding a position that will not dissolve as time goes on is very important to me. My current industry is cutting jobs by the thousands and having the ability to train at home, at my own pace, is certainly an advantage.  Knowing that I can complete the training in possibly six months and move into another career is exciting. Another advantage is being able to set my own hours.  I like to work early in the morning and late at night.  That can give me more freedom in the afternoon to do errands when others are at work.  Taking a day off during the week and working the weekend can be a plus.  I like the flexibility.

As I mentioned earlier, my daughter- in- law was very influential in my decision.  She can’t say enough positive things about what she does. Her sister has entered the field because of how she talks about it.  I feel it is a career in which I can excel. I am a very organized and disciplined. The majority of my working career has been as an administrative assistant so I have done transcription work; simply not in the medical field.  I have since branched out into Project Management which has taught me to follow more processes and disciplines. I would like to further my studies in Gerontology and specialize in working with doctors that work with Dementia and Alzheimer’s.  With the baby boomers living longer now, there is a great need for people to focus on this aging group.  So many people don’t understand the disease, and it’s important for others to become involved to help the public realize there is a real need in this area. I believe working as a subtitling service employee is an exciting opportunity. I look forward to becoming an MT.

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