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4 Misconceptions about ESAs

There are many challenges that one must face in their lifetime. Each challenge leaves a mark on us so we can become better. One such challenge is an emotional/psychological disability. Sometimes these have no visible cure "ESA letter for housing". In such times, emotional support animals prevail in bringing you the joy and happiness you need. But when talking about emotional support animals, there are some misconceptions among the minds of the people that need to be clarified. Let's have a look at some of them!

Misconception 1: ESAs are the same as service dogs

This is a fairly common misconception. One must know that service dogs do provide the necessary support to the disabled but they are also trained to do so. Maybe the service dog would be linked with a blind person to help him and guide his movement. The service dogs undergo rigorous training to achieve this. On the other hand, ESAs are only there as a companion to provide you with the necessary comfort you need when suffering from mental issues.

Misconception 2: ESAs are federally certified

It is thought that the ESAs are properly monitored and their information is stored in a particular database. There is no such certification and the ESA record is not stored in any database. The only thing you need that is of any legal value is an emotional support animal letter. Otherwise, there is no record that is maintained by anyone regarding the keeping of an ESA. It is up to the discretion of the person with mental disability and the others around him to keep such a pet. If the doctor allows it, then you can safely apply one.

Misconception 3: You automatically qualify for an ESA

If you are in a state where you feel you need the desired support, then make sure you follow some steps, otherwise, you are not automatically eligible to get an ESA. The first and foremost thing you should apply for is the ESA Letter that would allow you to get an ESA as well as prove that you require its presence everywhere. You should check some free emotional support animal letter samples online to know more details and then apply for your very own from an authentic website to avoid any confusions you may have. Once you have the letter, then you qualify to keep the desired pet! The ESA letter is like your immunity to keep your pet, even when the laws may say otherwise. You may keep it in a no pet zone or fly with it on an airline. It is entirely up to you. But make sure you save others’ inconvenience and have the necessary paperwork ready.

Misconception 4: The normal pet laws are applicable to ESAs as well

People tend to think that they couldn’t possibly take their ESA pets to the areas where they might be not allowed. This is a big misconception. As soon as you have the necessary paperwork done, you are free to take your ESA with you anywhere you please. The letter is your immunity as it highlights that you need the ESA in all situations. Whether in a no pet zone or on an airline, the ESA is your companion. Even the employers are not allowed to stop you from bringing your ESA to work as the ESA would help you work more effectively and efficiently.

As you can see there are certain rumors regarding the emotional support dog letter that are definitely not true. So make sure you have your mind at rest and are able to take your ESA on a trip as it could be your partner everywhere you go.

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